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Legal Notices:
Price Matching Policy:
We will price match any competing professional piano tuner servicing our area offering the same services -providing the offer is reasonable -for the services requested and you make arrangements for your appointment at the same time we agree to price match.  Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service is the sole judge of the term reasonable.  We of course cannot match services that we do not normally provide. Simply provide us the contact information and competitive pricing information when making arrangements for your appointment and we will match a reasonbale competitive price even if discounted.
Our price matching policy is a courtesy value for professional services not a tool for price bashing back and forth to see who will ultimately provide services.  We allow one request for reasonable price matching at the time you book your appointment with us. If you do not make arrangements for your appointment at the same time we accept the match request, our policy is void. If you cancel a discounted appointment and later want to set up a different appointment, the original terms are void and the new appointment is subject to the same price match policy as the original appointment.
Written Material:

All written material in this site was written and is the express opinion of John E Nafie considering the years of experience he has had both in the retail sales of pianos and organs, and his experience tuning for almost every venue possible.  John E Nafie is and has been an Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild for over 25 years participating in numerous local meetings, regional conferences, and national conventions with classes taught by some of the finest tuners,technicians, and rebuilders in the United States. However, Johnny limits the liability of your relying on any information provided in this site to the refunding of any money paid directly to Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service for any service, repair, advice, or provision of additional information that does not meet your expectation.  Johnny does not warrant in any way or accept responsibility for your actions relying on information provided on any pages of this website and Johnny encourages you to seek second opinions or advice of other retailers, technicians, etc before you make decisions resulting in possible considerable expense.
Links to other Websites:

Material and services offered by Websites reached by link from this website are completely out of the control of John E Nafie and Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service. No guarantee of satisfaction is made or implied by your use of these links to contract for further service, materials, advice, or any other offered content.  Most links are provided completely as a courtesy because of Johnny's providing tuning or repair services to these persons, businesses, churches, or associations or because they are recognized as authorities by the piano industry as a whole and freely offer links to add additional exposure from other websites.  Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service reserves the right to list, exclude, or remove any link or photo at any time for any reason.
Photo Copyrights: 

Many photos are the sole property of Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service and are original photos taken for the purposes of this website. Some photos have been provided by courtesy of linked providers from other websites and are used by permission. No photos may be copied or duplicated from this site without written consent.
If any photo or link used is subject to copyright unknown to us, please advise us at   or call 360-698-3405 and any photo used incorrectly will be removed from this site as quickly as possible. Please include an explanation of why you believe the photo is being used incorrectly, or provide the correct copyright information so that we can alter the information included or omitted on our site.
Piano Tuning, Repair Services, Advice, or additional information: 

Any piano tuning appointment, service request, request for advice, or request for additional information is satisfaction warranted only to the refunding within 30 days of the date of provision of any money paid directly and exclusively to Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service. Complaints beyond 90 days of date of tuning or service carry no express or implied warranty of any kind.
Information Privacy: 

Any information provided by you in the course of a piano tuning appointment is considered confidential and is used exclusively for the purpose of the tuning appointment and records retained for future service. At your request and with your permission, Johnnys Piano Tuning & Service will provide "Reminders" either by mail or e-mail to keep you advised of opportunities for future service. We do not sell your information to anyone for any reason.  Some database information may be stored on computers outside our influence.  However, any such information is stored with companies that also will not sell your information or use it for any contact advertising purposes.
By providing information to us in the form of questions or comments on service,repairs, advice, etc - we reserve the right to publish or not publish on our website the full or partial answers, comments, or questions at our discretion.

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