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Cool Pianos
The Cristofori Piano - created by Bartolomeo Cristofori and termed the Piano-Forte because the action was capable of playing "Soft/Loud". Later the Forte title was dropped and the title Piano stuck to this day. The first commercially sucessful piano circa 1722.

    Piano- David Crombie
                     Miller-Freeman Books (out-of-print)

The Giraffe piano - 1835 - this piano was literally a grand piano on end in an attempt to save space, but the straight strung bass strings caused considerable height in the cabinet.
       The cabinet grand was later established without the Giraffe bass height as
        overstrung bass strings allowed for long speaking length in a shorter cabinet.

The Square Grand Piano - this piano was excellent at being smaller than other arrangements, but unfortunately a not-so-great performer because of the limited soundboard size and short string length.  However, this was probably the source idea behind the modern "spinet" piano we use today.
             The square grand                                                                        The modern spinet

Baldwin 9' Concert Grand - property of Westsound Family Concerts -   This piano was purchased in the 50's, was personally signed by Jose Iturbi, and has been played by many famous concert artists through the years. Approximately 10 years ago it was restored by Mike Reiter-RPT of Tacoma WA.

 watch this Jose Iturbi YouTube clip-

 Steinway B - early 1900's - This piano is used at the Olympic Music Festival near the town of Quilcene WA 
"concerts in the barn" a dream of Alan Iglitzen owner of the farm, founding member of the Philadelphia String Quartet. 


Steinway A  6'10" turn of the century - 85 keys -rebuild by Steinway Factory - owned by concert artist Lucinda Carver
Steinway 1887 - Art Case Piano - "the most artistist piano ever produced

The Baldwin Mirror Tiled Concert Grand Piano of "Mr. Showmanship"  Liberace now residing at the Liberace Museum - according to press release the Museum will close on October 17, 2010                            


French Erard Grand Piano  -   Art Case -  1860's courtesy


Mammoth Vertical Piano - built locally - Chris Cherhobieff - Monroe Washington
Mammoth VCG (Vertical Concert Grand)
7' 2" tall
( actually a 9' grand scale)
Modern mission style cabinet
Brazilian cherry
Welded steel plate
(superior to cast iron)  
Sitka Spruce compression
Custom built action with repetition


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Cool Pianos
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